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Friends of Wake Soil and Water Conservation District

Supporting Natural Resource Conservation in Wake County



November 29, 2016


Dear Friend,


It is harvest season in Wake County.  Our local farmers are taking stock, looking ahead, and hopefully enjoying the fruits of their efforts and a successful year.  It is also the season to be thankful that we live in a prosperous county that values access to local food, clean water, and open space that our 827 farms and farmers provide.

As any farmer will tell you, a good harvest this year is no assurance of another next season.  Unpredictable weather, soil erosion and compaction, waste management, stormwater runoff, and reliable water resources are among the daunting challenges our farmers face day after day, year after year.

Fortunately, the Wake Soil and Water Conservation District has worked for over 50 years to support local farmers and assist them in protecting the natural resources of our County.  Since 1965, our dedicated and nationally renowned Soil and Water staff have provided technical expertise and innovative ideas to address the issues our farmers confront daily.

District staff are in the field everyday working with landowners to install practices such as grassed waterways and livestock exclusion fencing to help protect our water resources. They work daily with landowners on no-till farming practices, contour farming, and cover crop rotation to ensure that critically important topsoil is protected.  Through the District’s education programs, school children are learning about the importance of caring for the environment to become the next generation of Wake County land stewards.  With a recent grant, Wake District is initiating a new outreach program to connect Wake County’s urban agriculturalists with the District’s technical assistance.


How are these conservation efforts made possible?


By Wake County residents like YOU who are members of the Friends of Wake Soil and Water Conservation District!  Our all-volunteer non-profit organization provides resources to support and raise awareness of the District so that it can continue its amazing work for decades to come.  To celebrate Wake Soil and Water Conservation District’s ongoing accomplishments and help sustain its vital work into the future, we invite you to become a member by making an end-of-year, tax-deductible donation at www.friendsofwakesoil.org or by sending a check to Friends of Wake SWCD, PO Box 46, Raleigh NC 27602.


Thank you again for helping protect Wake County’s natural resources,



Donald R. Belk

Chair, Friends of the Wake Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Directors

Friends of Wake Soil and Water Conservation District

Supporting Natural Resource Conservation in Wake County



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